PALMIX dental emergency kit

  • designed to use on holiday or in the dental practice
  • fractured teeth or recementations
  • using glass ionomer powder and liquid cement/filler
  • autoclavable - polysulfone
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1shot PALMIX and large and small spatula ends


Dr McElwee says he always travels with the 1shot PALMIX pad and spatula with ionomer powder and liquid cement/ lining material in his travel bag.
When my wife or travel companions say, “you won’t believe what has happened to my tooth. I know you can’t  fix it.’’ I say... ‘’Yes, I can’’ and they are amazed!


Placing glass ionomer powder and liquid mix, with small end of 1shot PALMIX spatula, on a fractured lower molar cusp, by PALMIX inventor Dr McElwee at remote ‘Little Bay’ beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.
The patient Dr Cull was CEO of National Childrens Hospital, Australia,- faced a 2 hour car trip to the nearest dentist.


Box Contains

2x Dental Palettes
2x Spatulas

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