1 Shot Dental

The ground-breaking 1Shot Dental X-ray Holders are designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Dr Bede McElwee (B.D.S., D.R.S.), a highly skilled dentist with over 35 years experience. After spending many years in dentistry becoming frustrated with using equipment that wasted time, cost too much, wasn’t reusable, and (crucially!) often produced poor or inconsistent dental x-rays, he decided that it was time to find an innovative solution.

Dr Bede McElwee is delighted that he can now give dentists around the world access to the 1shotdental X-ray Holder at an affordable price, and has been over-whelmed by the positive responses which 1shotdental continues to receive. He is passionate about leading the company into its next stages of growth and development, and remains dedicated to improving the process of dental x-rays for dentists and their patients worldwide through his research and resulting revolutionary products.

His close relationship with the many 1shotdental clients and distributors around the world is a testament to the level of commitment they receive, and also key to the commercial identity and integrity of the company.

Dr McElwee currently has a number of new dental products in development, and their release is greatly anticipated by the international dentistry community.

1 shotdental welcomes any comments, suggestions, and queries you may have, so please feel free to get in touch or you can find out how to become a distributor here.