This page provides answers to common questions about using the 1shotdental  x-ray holder. 

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll not only answer, but add them to the FAQ if we think they are more generally useful.

Q: Can I take parallel ray images with 1shotdental x-ray holders?

A: Yes, the sensor/film/phosphor plate is always positioned at right angles to the bite/aiming plane of the 1shot holder, therefore positioning the tube through this plane, or above/below, parallel to the plane will produce parallel images.

Q: Can I take anterior, posterior, BW, PA and endodontic shots with the 1shotdental x-ray holder?

A: Yes you can, but you need both the horizontal and vertical 1shot models to take all your intra-oral images

Q: Why is the 1shotdental x-ray holder eco-friendly?

A: Because it can be reused more than 100 times

Q: Is the 1shotdental x-ray holder autoclavable?

A: Yes, dentists have been successfully autoclaving the 1shot x-ray holders for more than 100 cycles.

Q: Does the 1shot x-ray holder require any assembly?

A: One of the beauties of the 1shot holder is that no assembly is necessary. It comes as 1 piece and has no rings or metal connectors

Q: What sterilization do you recommend?

A: there are no special requirements. The 1shot dental x-ray holders can be put on top of your other instruments in your autoclave and sterilized as normal.

Q: Can I take a posterior BW then a wisdom tooth PA with the same holder?

A: Yes, you can take both these images with the same 1shot holder. Take your posterior BW shot as normal and then slide the sensor/phosphor plate/film down in the holder  and re-align the cone to the new lower position.

Q: If I am taking PAs do I have to alter the position of the x-ray cone and the sensor?

A: Yes, you position the sensor/plate/film up or down in the holder and realign the x-ray tube to suit.

Q: How is the 1shot dental x-ray holder made?

A: The 1shot holders are made of medical grade polysulfone plastic and are manufactured in New Zealand at 300 degrees C under an accredited quality management system in a clean room environment to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Q: how can quickly tell the difference between the vertical and horizontal holders on my tray?

A: All the 1shotdental x-ray holders are colour coded for ease of recognition

Q: What the best way to store my x-ray holders?

A: Dentists have been successfully incorporating the 1shot dental x-ray holders on their trays, as standard equipment along with their mirrors and probes. This makes them ready for use and saves you time.

Q: How do I know where the sensor/plate/film is when the mouth is closed?

A: The unique design of the 1-shot x-ray holder clearly shows the position of the receptor in 3 planes. The flat plane of the holder is at right angles to the receptor, the aiming leg is parallel to the receptor and the arrow points to the centre of the receptor. For PA shots the x-ray tube may have to be raised or lowered to suit the position of the receptor.

Q: Can I take endodontic shots with the reamers, rubber dam and clamps in place?

A: Yes. Get the patient to stabilise the 1shot holder with their finger or thumb, pressing down on to the occlusal surface of the teeth.

Q: Can I make adjustments to my 1shot x-ray holder?

A: Yes. You can use a sandpaper disc for small adjustments to the underside of the fingertips of the claw, or a cut off disc for larger adjustments.

Q: I tried your free trial and really love your product but you have no distributor in my country. What’s the best way to order and how quickly can I get more holders?

A: You can order direct from us via this site and we will send out to you as soon as we get your order. Typically we get product, air-posted, world-wide into your hands within a week.