Simple to use.  Autoclavable.  Reusable.

1shot products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Dr Bede McElwee (B.D.S., D.R.S.), a highly skilled dentist with over 35 years experience. After spending many years in dentistry becoming frustrated with using equipment that wasted time, cost too much, wasn’t reusable, and often produced poor or inconsistent dental x-rays, he decided that it was time to find an innovative solution. 1shot x-ray holders are designed to improve the process of dental x-rays for dentists and their patients worldwide.

Transforming the way dentists take bitewing, anterior, posterior, periapical and endodontic radiographs - 1shot at a time. Our 1-of-a-kind x-ray holders are used extensively in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe. 1shotdental is proud to have a well-established and enthusiastic user base of dentists who are happy to share their experiences with this simple, yet incredibly effective piece of equipment.

"Thank you very much! It is always a pleasure to buy the best holders in the world (1shot)."
Dagny Marie Øiestad, Norway

New Schick33/Gendex700 1shot holder

" My hygienist is so in love with them we are back to order more! It was really difficult for us to find a system that would work with our Schick33 sensor and Nomad unit. But your holders work perfect. We are never going back to the old xcp systems."   DMark Simeone, PA, USA, Dec 2016                

10Aug 17 " I ordered one for the office I work at for our Dexis unit. I love it. It helps me take the best X-rays I believe I've ever taken. Thank you so much. 
25Aug17 "The 1shot Schick33 sensor holder is working great with the Gendex sensor.  Thank you again."     
Christi Parker, Louisiana, USA