SUB 45 box


Fits all size2 sensors/phosphorplates/film in a horizontal orientation (including Kodak and other thicker sensors).

Takes all horz BWs, Post PAs & Endodontic shots.

FREE Worldwide air-post Delivery (4-10 working days)

SUB 45 Box - Option A
SUB 45 Box Contains:
8x SUB45 Holders - transarant blue
64x SUB bands - clear

1shot Ref Code: A-1shotSUB45-8+

SUB 45 Box - Option B
SUB 45 Small Box Contains:

1x SUB45 Holder - transarant blue
8x SUB bands - clear

1shot Ref Code: B-1shotSUB45-1+


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Code: A-1shotSUB45-8+